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The National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO)



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37 Weeks

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What is the NASENCO course? 

In September 2009 it became law in the UK for every new SENCO in a mainstream school to gain the National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) within 3 years of taking up the post. This course is designed around the Learning Outcomes for SENCOs, specified by the Department for Education, and aims to develop expertise in the leadership of SEND in schools.

SENCOs on this course will have access to a high-quality and interactive programme delivered by SEND experts and specialists.  They will learn how to integrate theory and practice to support the development of their role and in turn, learn how to improve positive outcomes for pupils with SEND.

Why complete the NASENCO with the University of Buckingham? 

  1. This is a work based, flexible and practical programme carefully crafted to support new and aspiring SENCOs into developing critical, reflective and effective practices in their role.
  2. We advocate inclusive practice and support SENCOs in using critical reflection, research and tasks to improve provision and outcomes for vulnerable pupils.
  3. SENCOs will develop a deep understanding of the SEN Code of Practice and other recent policy, guidance and research and understand how to utilise this to improve SEND provision.
  4. SENCOs will be taught and supported by a highly-skilled course leader and visiting tutor who are experts in SEND provision.
  5. Four high-quality training days allow personalised learning and support from leading experts in SEND.
  6. SENCOs who successfully complete 60 Level 7 credits achieve a PGCert in Supporting SEND Through Inclusive Practice and may carry 60 credits towards future study at Master’s level.
  7. Build a professional network of other new and aspiring SENCOs.

Course content 

SENCOs are required to attend 4 training days which will be delivered online and will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the NASENCO Course– SENCOs will be guided through the course structure, design, expectations and outcomes. 
  • Developing Context for Inclusive Education – SENCOs will demonstrate their professional knowledge and understanding in the legislative context for SEN and will link as evidence application of theoretical concepts that underpin effective leadership and practice.
  • The SENCO as an Inclusive Leader:  Reflective Writing and Action Research – SENCOs will be required to demonstrate understanding and reflect on their expertise and capabilities needed to lead and coordinate provision effectively. 
  • The Critical Professional SENCO: Life & Career of a SENCO – SENCOs will be required to reflect on the personal and professional qualities needed to make a positive impact on the ethos and culture in schools and other settings.

Mode of delivery 

  • A work-based, flexible and practical programme.
  • Attendance at online training for 4 days over an academic year.
  • Delivered through a combination of seminars and tutorials with input from SEND experts.
  • Self-managed, work-based guided tasks in relation to effectiveness in the role of SENCO.
  • School visits and online support from SENCO personal tutor.
  • Self-supported study, assessments at Master’s level and professional reviews.
  • Distance learning supported by online resources via e-portfolio.


Trainees will have meetings online with their SENCO tutor and engage in weekly guided tasks to support understanding and application of best effective and inclusive practice as a SENCO.

SENCOs will complete:

  • A reflective essay 
  • Implementing and writing up of an Action Research Project
  • Completion of a Professional SEND Development Portfolio (E-Portfolio) where the focus is on the student to evidence their own practice within their education institution in order to have met the SEND learning outcomes


‘I have learned so much by studying for the NASENCO award at The University of Buckingham.  The structure and content of the course have helped me to be a more effective and well-informed SENCO.’ 

‘The course focuses on guided tasks and evidencing the SENCO Learning Outcomes have made me much better at making decisions – both as a leader and as a teacher, benefiting both students and staff.’ 

‘Because of this NASENCO Course, I am meeting needs much better and supporting colleagues more effectively.’

The training days are well structured and I really like the guidance and time to discuss with other SENCOs’

‘What really works well on the course is having access to supportive contact from the Course Lead and Tutor’

Entry requirements

Applicants will:

  • hold Qualified Teacher Status
  • have completed the NQT year
  • be educated to degree level
  • be employed as a SENCO or have aspirations to become a SENCO in a UK school
  • have the full support of their school’s headteacher


Tuition Fee: £3,000
Registration Fee: £300 (non-refundable)

How to apply

Please click the APPLY button to online submit your information for a September 2024 start.

Apply by: 10 July 2024.

When applying, you will need to supply:

  • copy of degree certificate
  • copy of QTS, QTLS or EYTS certificate and evidence of NQT completion
  • Teacher Reference Number (TRN)
  • copy of passport photo page (and visa/work permit where necessary)
  • signed copy of the headteacher’s declaration
  • head and shoulder style photo for your University identity card

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什么是NASENCO(National Award in Special Educational Need Co-ordination,英国国家特殊教育协调员认证)课程?




3. 特殊教育协调员将深入了解特殊教育实践守则和其他最新政策和研究成果,并了解如何利用这些改进特殊教育。
4. 特殊教育协调员将由一名专业的课程负责人和客座导师教授指导。
6.学生需要成功完成60个Level 7等级的学分来获得通过包容性实践帮助特殊教育部门的证书,并在未来攻读相关硕士学位时免修60学分。



  • NASENCO课程简介:向学生全面介绍课程结构、课程设计和课程预期结果。
  • 发展全纳教育环境——特殊教育协调员将学习在特殊教育立法环境中的专业知识,并用理论有效地支持实践
  • 作为全纳领导者的特殊教育协调员:反思性写作和研究 - 特殊教育协调员需要展示和反思他们有效领导和协调的专业知识和能力。
  • 批判性的特殊教育协调员:生活和职业发展 – 特殊教育协调员需要反思在学校和其他环境中能产生积极影响所需的个人和专业素质。









“这门课程侧重于完成指导性任务和证明作为特殊教育协调员的学习成果,让我在决策方面有所提升 — 无论是作为一名领导者还是一名教师,使学生和员工一同受益。”






•持有英国教师资格证Qualified Teacher Status
•完成NQT Year (Newly Qualified Teacher Year)


申请费: 300英镑(不可退还)


如有申请人在截止日期前无法提交部分证明文书,请联系[email protected]以确认最后的宽限时间。

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