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BISE is the official China partner of the University of Buckingham’s School of Education, and we handle admissions and study enquiries for all China based prospective students and beyond. With an admissions office based in Beijing, we are able to provide quick and efficient support in your time zone for any of our 12 fully online postgraduate qualifications, the International QTS and the Assessment Only QTS.


BISE是白金汉大学教育学院的中国官方合作伙伴,我们为中国及其他地区的潜在学生提供招生和学习相关咨询。 凭借我们位于北京的招生办公室,我们能够在您所在的时区快速而有效地为您提供咨询服务和申请协助。我们提供白金汉大学教育学院的12 个在线研究生学历及职业证书项目评估路径的英国教师资格证(AO QTS)以及国际英国教师资格证(iQTS)

Buckingham International School of Education - Training Teachers Across The World

白金汉大学国际教育学院 - 培养面向世界的教师