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PGCE for International Trainees



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37 weeks

Course duration


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“Although I had been teaching for 8 years previously, the PGCE had a significant impact on my practice, especially engaging with the weekly programme of readings. By the end of the course, the training hadn’t just impacted on me, it had improved practice in my department and the wider school!” – Ezzat Ali, PGCE 2020.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education for International Trainees offers teachers based in schools outside the UK, who have not undergone a period of formal training, the opportunity to participate in a structured programme of professional development online. 

From September 2024 onwards we are offering a course with a new PGCE at the heart of the training. The PGCE will be assessed by three assignments, but there will be an opportunity to specialise for two of the modules and receive more training on areas such as:

  • SEND
  • Boarding
  • Leadership
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Philosophy of Education
  • International Education and other educational topics

This will be alongside a core module focusing on the fundamentals of teaching and learning. We also want to include coaching for students in order to support schools with career development.

Course content

The PGCE for International Trainees is a 37-week school-based course, during which time you will work under the guidance of your in-school mentor. Each week you will reflect on your practice and have and one-to-one meeting with your mentor to review progress and set targets. There are eight online training days (including two induction days) which will complement the weekly programme of University online resources.

You will also be assigned a university tutor who will meet you regularly (approximately once a month) to assess your progress and guide your development.

“…the time and effort she (University tutor) offers to my mentor and I is outstanding. She has been a pleasure to work alongside and to have as a supporting body throughout. Thanks to her lovely feedback during our meetings, I am at a stage where I feel confident and comfortable in my classroom.” Aishlin O’Rourke, PGCE for International Trainees (Primary).

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is a Level 7 course and you will be assessed by three essays. If you complete the course successfully, you will gain 60 L7 credits. These can be put towards a Masters at a later date.

We are able to offer the course in most subjects and to all age levels. Your University tutor will be a subject specialist. Subjects that you can do your PGCE in include: Art, Music, Design Technology, Food Technology, Business Studies and Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Computer Science, English, Drama, Classics, Modern Languages, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Psychology, and Physical Education.

Training Sessions

Six one day ‘live’ training sessions plus two induction days (in late August), run by the University, will be delivered online. Attendance at all these days is mandatory. Draft programme below:

Induction 1(Compulsory for ALL) Thursday 22 August 2024 9am-1pm, Online via Zoom
Induction 2(Compulsory for ALL) Friday 23 August 2024, 9am-1pm, Online via Zoom
Training day 1 Monday 30 September 2024
Training day 2 Tuesday 5 November 2024
Training day 3 Wednesday 4 December 2024
Training day 4 Monday 3 February 2025
Training day 5 Tuesday 25 March 2025
Training day 6 Wednesday 21 May 2025

Entry requirements

    • UK degree (2.2 or above) or equivalents.
    • You must be employed as a teacher in an international school abroad that teaches the English National Curriculum or the International Baccalaureate (IB) and be in sole charge of a full-size class for a minimum of 10 hours a week.
    • International applicants may need to demonstrate proficiency in English. Full details are available on our Postgraduate Language Requirements page

In addition, you must:

  • Obtain a commitment from your school to provide a suitable mentor.
  • Show the physical and mental fitness to teach.

The employing school must be able to fully support a candidate through the course, enabling them to demonstrate all of the English Teachers’ Standards and releasing them for the compulsory live online training days (six per year + two induction).


Tuition Fee: £4,400
Registration Fee: £300 (non-refundable)

Fees can be paid in termly instalments or in one lump sum. Termly instalments can be arranged directly with the Finance department upon receipt of the invoice.

How to apply

We are now accepting applications. The course will start in September 2024.
Apply by : 12 July 2024

Before we can accept you, you will need to supply:

  • a copy of passport photo page
  • copies of your qualification certificates – UK Bachelors Degree or equivalent (an ENIC statement of comparability will be required for all qualifications awarded outside of the UK)
  • a head and shoulder style photo for your University identity card

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本课程每年9月开课。PGCE是一个为期37周的课程项目,基于校本实践,面向已经在学校任职的教师展开。在项目开展期间,学员在校本导师(Mentor, 由在职学校任命)的指导下展开学习,每周接受辅导,查看进展情况并设定目标。本课程适用于大多数科目的授课教师和除幼儿园外的所有学龄段的教师。




•    特殊教育
•    寄宿制教育
•    领导力
•    教学辅导和导师
•    教育哲学
•    国际教育和其他教育主题




已经有两年或以上教学经验,并有申请QTS英国教师资格证(在英国的公立学校任教时需要)需求的学员,可以申请英国教师资格证(AO QTS)评估项目。学员可在为期一年的 PGCE-online课程后申请英国教师资格证(AO QTS)评估项目。除此,教师资格研究生证书课程(国际学员)是研究生水平的课程。成功完成该课程的学员可在后续的硕士学位申请中免修60个学分。


• 2024 年 8月22日 星期四 和 23 日星期五上午 9 点至下午 1 点(开课培训)
• 2024 年 9月30日 星期一 
• 2024 年 11月5日 星期二 
• 2024 年 12月4日 星期三 
• 2025 年 2月3日 星期一 
• 2025 年 3月25日 星期二 
• 2025 年 5月21日 星期三 



  • 校本导师将在学员所就职的学校观摩评估学员的课堂教学,以确保学员每周都能获得进展。
  • 学员将通过在线表格记录自己的教学情况。
  • 白金汉大学指定导师将定期同学员联系。学员与导师定期会谈,导师将评估学员的进展并指导予以指导。
  • 学员需要完成三篇学术论文。

白金汉大学的 PGCE-在线课程为学生继续深造打下了理想的基础,毕业生可以继续选择本院教育硕士,并免修60学分。

成功完成 PGCE-线上课程也可以为后续获得英国教师资格证QTS打下基础。这并不是说获得了PGCE证书,申请人就自动获得了QTS。申请人仍需要满足英国政府设定的一系列要求的基础上,申请评估路径的AO QTS。


  • 申请人必须是提供英国课程或IB课程的学校的在职老师(若申请人所在学校是中国民办双语学校,学校需在提供中国课程外提供英国课程或IB课程)。教师应每周独立负责10小时以上整班教学工作。
  • 申请人需拥有本科学位。

  • 所工作的学校能够为您提供一名合适的校本导师。
  • 拥有良好的身体素质和心理素质以进行教学。
  • 任职学校必须能够在整个课程中全力支持您的学习,帮助您在所选学龄段内发挥并展示出所有要求达到的教学标准。
  • 未持有英国GCSE英语等级C/4或以上的国际学生,必须提供雅思或托福证书,并取得大学认可的成绩。
  • 申请人如非母语者,需满足大学的相关语言要求






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